How to Clean Your Washing Machine

Appliance repair technicians often receive service requests from homeowners and renters complaining about unfortunate odors emanating from the washing machine. While some situations do require you search for a “washer repair near me”, in many cases, completing a few simple habits between every few loads of laundry can keep your washer and dryer unit running in the best of conditions. If you’re looking for ways to avoid the need for a wash and dryer repair, here are a few tips to ensure your washing machine stays running in tip-top shape!

set timer

Set a Timer

Often when you are busy handling a variety of chores, it can become easy for to forget about your clothes after a wash cycle ends. Leaving wet clothes in the washer for too long can create a sour smell, and can cause mold and mildew growth. This can be an early sign of needed washing machine repair. To prevent this from occurring frequently, consider setting a secondary timer on your phone. This will ensure that you remember to move your items into the dryer promptly.

Do You Need a Washing Machine Repair?

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Keep the Washing Machine Lid Open

While most dryer repair calls are generally occur as a result of bad fuses, failed heating coils or broken belts, washing machines have the added element of water usage. When water is added to the equation, the end result is mold and mildew growth. To avoid the need for washer repair, leave the washer lid open between loads and wipe down any condensation or standing water you might see. By keeping the area dry and providing circulation, you’ll avoid foul smells and bacteria growth that can compromise your system. Furthermore, you can keep the cost to repair washing machine low.

clean machine

Clean the Washing Machine Monthly. At Least

Laundry detergent is excellent for cleaning clothes, but surprisingly enough, a washing machine has a separate cleaning regimen as well. Run a normal cycle without any clothing and two cups of vinegar at least once a month. This cleaning process will sanitize your washer and keep it healthy.

Follow this Cleaning Routine

If you follow this cleaning routine regularly with your washing machine, you can expect for the potential for washing machine repairs to be minimal at best. If you just happen to need a wash and dryer repair, then give us a call for same day washing machine repair at 281-915-4793 right away!