How to Keep a Washing Machine in Balance

Although washing machines are a must-have in many households, they often gent unbalanced. And washing machine repairs can get expensive. Below are tips and guides on how to keep your washing machine in balance. To prevent the need to search for “washer repair near me“, you need to make certain that your washing machine stays in balance.  There are two ways that you need to work on the washing machine to keep it balanced, one is to ensure your machine is level and the other is while doing laundry.

Make Sure that the Machine is Level

Tilt the Machine Back Such that Front Legs are Exposed

This is the first step to keep your washing level. You will need help from someone else to perform the next steps at ease. Once you have accessed the front legs then you can decide on the appropriate height keeping in mind that all legs should be the same length.

Ensure Legs are of the Same Length

To prevent the washing machine from bumping and lurching, make sure that you get the accurate length of the legs. You can use either a small ruler or tape measure to get the accurate length of the legs.

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Adjust the Front Legs

Many washing machines come with a nut that if you loosen extend or shorten the legs. You can rotate the legs with minimal strength once you loosen the nut. The front legs should be of the same length as the back legs.

Ensure the Floor on Which You Pace the Machine is Flat

You should make sure that the surface where the washing machine is sitting on is flat and even. Each of the four legs should touch the floor or the tiles. There should be no gap between the legs of the machine and the floor.

Check that the Machine Sits on a Solid Ground

Adjust the machine by using rubber vibration absorbers to place it on solid ground. This will help minimize any movement of the washing machine.

balanced washer

Distribution of Clothes

When doing laundry, you should make sure that you evenly distribute clothes around the washing machine. This is because when clothes are on one side the machine will surely lose balance while at work. Another thing that you need to avoid is overloading the washing machine. You should count the number of clothes to ensure you do not overload the machine as this will bring damage to the machine. Finally, you should remove clothes wrapped around the agitator as this would make it impossible for it to move them around the machine.

From the article above, you have enough tips on how to keep your washing machine level now. Once you have balanced your washing machine, you are certain that you will hear no more lurching nor bumping while doing your laundry. Besides, if the machine is imbalanced, it may accidentally fall causing damage and that would be costly. In case you want to know that the floor is even, you can use a spirit level for this to give an accurate result. Now go keep your washing machine level using the above tips. If you are in the need of washing machine repairs, call 281-915-4793.