Signs You Need a Washing Machine Repair

We all dread this moment. It’s Saturday night and you are just now hitting your flow as you knock out one load of laundry after another and then you hear a loud CLUNK! Oh no! The sound came straight from your washing machine. Is it time for needed washing machine repairs? Well, luckily the team at Houston Appliance Repair is here and you can reach us at 281-915-4793 for help with your washing machine and dryer repair today.

Here are five ways to tell you’re in need of washer and dryer repair:

The Washer or Dryer Makes Loud Noises

Does your washing machine or dryer make loud or unusual noises in the middle of a cycle? If so, more than likely your machine is not working properly. If you need a washer and dryer fix, it is in your best interest to get the issue addressed soon. Sounds such as:

  • Loud humming
  • Clanks
  • Squeaks

Along with any other sounds coming from the machine, can indicate there’s a problem with the washing machine drum or the washing machine drum mount.

need repair

Washing Machine Has No Water

If you notice that the water is not filling up the drum of your washing machine after you begin a load, there could potentially be a leak or some sort of kink in the water hose. A clogged air filter or faulty water intake valve could also be the problem with your washer or dryer. Call the best appliance service Houston has to offer, come to your home and determine the cause of the issue.

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 Water Won’t Drain Out of Washing Machine

If your washing machine is filling up with water just fine but doesn’t seem to drain it after the rinse cycle, a blocked pump or clogged drain hose may be to blame. If these aren’t the culprits, there may be a problem with your water pump, which a washer and dryer repair company can replace.

Washing Machine Drum Doesn’t Spin

A bad washing machine drum belt or lid switch could cause your washing machine to have a drum that does not spin. If you believe that your washer is broken, just search for “washer repairs near me” for an inspection or a repair estimate. Often, we’ve found that a belt replacement may be all that is needed to get your washer and dryer repair completed and back up and working again.


Bad Electrical Wiring

A wash and dryer repair may be in need due to bad electrical wiring. Unfortunately, bad wiring is not a DIY washer fix and but you’ll need a washer repair expert to help you with this one. And if it does turn out bad wiring is why you have an issue, again, DO NOT try to fix it alone. The potential of working with electricity and water is a dangerous proposition that is nearly always best left to the professionals.

Keep Your Washing Machine Running

To ensure your washing machine runs smoothly, do not rely on anyone but the washer and dryer repair experts to perform regular maintenance or the necessary repairs. Call us at Houston Appliance Repair at 281-915-4793 as soon as possible.